Add support for HTC Vive Focus 3 Controllers, Bindings and ControllerType

Currently CloudXR offers these devices CloudXR SDK API — NVIDIA CloudXR SDK documentation and given that you are closely working with Vive developers is it possible to add render models, binding profiles and additional cxrControllerType for HTC Vive Focus 3? Vive Business Streaming driver offers all needed resources for SteamVR to work correctly but since CloudXR does not provide an option to use Focus 3 controllers we are stuck with Oculus as it’s the most similar layout

Apologies for the late reply.

Unfortunately, the Vive driver bundles in all the various resources, and HTC doesn’t currently have a way for third parties to use/install. They were talking about getting F3 as default model for Steam at some point.

We have had ongoing discussions about how to source models for new devices/vendors ourselves in the future.

We’re also looking at an overhaul of the input system at some point, which will give developers tighter access to things like device naming/matching/profiles, button/axis mappings, etc.

But yes, at the moment, binding the F3 as a Meta Touch controller is the closest solution. the shape, button positioning, is all close enough that it works very well.

Depending on schedules we might add in a new ControllerType for F3, just for cleanliness. The mappings will likely just identically map same as Quest (I don’t believe there are differences). Unclear we can do anything about model in the short term.