Will the Oculus Quest 2 touch controllers be supported as a cxrControllerType?

We have a CloudXr client that works with Quest 1 and 2, but the only cxrControllerType option for Quest is cxrControllerType_OculusTouch, which results in the black Quest 1 controllers in SteamVR (instead of the white Quest 2 controllers).

Will more models of the touch controllers be supported as cxrControllerTypes in later version of CloudXR? Is there a potential workaround for showing the white touch controllers in SteamVR in the meantime?

@GJones-NVIDIA-XR-Team Are you able to provide some details on my question regarding additional cxrControllerTypes?

There are plans to overhaul the controller interfaces in a future release. but at the moment there’s a limited set of controllers we map to on the server, and when we brought up quest 2 I guess we had no immediate need to expand it to be a distinct controller.

One change we’re looking at is splitting out the visual from the functional, which would suit this case well.

But this is all still in planning, I have no ETA at this time.

(And unfortunately I don’t have any workaround to show the white touch controllers… Well… aside from messing with files on the steamvr server so that touch 1 controllers have the touch 2 graphics – that might work, if you don’t care about quest 1…)