[Unity] No controller input when streaming to Quest 2

Hi, my unity application with interaction tool kit and OpenVR plugin did not work well when I try out CloudXR for streaming it to my quest2, the controllers has no input.

Simillar to this topic:

I saw the answer from GJones-NVIDIA-XR-Team, but I wondered where is the setting? I right click the SteamVR icon on my server pc and then click the setting, but I didn’t find the system OpenXR runtime, could you please tell me directly where I can change the setting? Thank you!

Hi @574651401 - Thank you for reaching out, we will give this a review and will follow back up soon.



Hello! I am having the same problem. Was this issue looked into or resolved?

Hi All and Happy New Year:

I’ve had a chance to catch up with our developers on this one. It seems this is really a follow on question to my original post, essentially - “where is the OpenXR setting in Steam?”.

One of our team members recommends this guide from a game as a pretty good reference on this topic: Steam Community :: Guide :: How to get OpenXR to work