Initialize CloudXR Process Inside of OnResume Lifecycle Event Vive Focus 3 (After User Accepts Permissions)

Hello CloudXR team,

Is possible to initialize the CloudXR process by calling the nativeInit() method from inside of the onResume lifecycle event and not the onCreate lifecycle event in the MainActivity file in the Vive Focus 3 sample project?

This works with the Oculus Quest client sample project but when I ported the code over to Vive Focus 3 sample project I get an error from the Vive client on start that says Waiting for VR environment... and then quits. It seems the Wave process needs something from CloudXR onCreate that requires it to work.

The reason I’m looking to start the CloudXR process after the app initially starts is how our system needs to dynamically provision the CXR client based on available CXR servers on the network and therefore needs to wait for a RESTful request to complete before it passes in a IP address to the nativeInit(). Again this worked for the Oculus Quest client but doesn’t work with the Vive Focus 3 client code.