For complex cloth simulations (such as complete clothing), the cloth breaks after the simulation

Sorry, I’m having some fabric issues that I hope can be resolved. I’m using cloth simulation to simulate a pair of shorts falling to the ground. The shorts have many parts (pockets, zippers, etc.) instead of just one plan as the cloth. After the simulation, unfortunately it fell apart, and each part fell to the ground separately (pockets, zippers, etc. were all scattered separately), broken and scattered all over the floor. I would like to know if there is a way to let it fall to the ground as a whole without breaking.

Hi @fsb0147,
I don’t think there is a good way of achieving this right now for two reasons:

  • we don’t support non-manifold meshes to be used for particle cloth (i.e. if there are more triangles than two adjacent to two vertices.
  • we don’t support graphics to simulation mesh skinning, which would be another way to implement this.

I am not sure this could work, but if you don’t need a lot of detail you can try to create a deformable body for the mesh, and if you set the simulation resolution high enough it might be okay.



Thanks for answering my doubts, I just tried your method but unfortunately it failed. First of all it doesn’t feel real, it doesn’t look like fabric. Second, it cannot deform, so it doesn’t look good.

Hi @fsb0147 ,
Yes, it makes sense that it would be hard to achieve cloth likeness with deformable bodies. Something that might help (but I am sure it’s not going to be sufficient) is to increase the simulation resolution in the deformable body component properties.
We hopefully have a better solution for rigging such complicated cloth use-cases, but right now we don’t have anything planned/scheduled to make this work “out of the box”.