Force Jetson Nano to use U-boot from sd-card instead of emmc


I’ve flashed my jetson nano with the flash tool from the L4T Driver Package with the command : “./ jetson-nano-qspi mmcblk0p1”

I also generated a custom image for the jetson nano with Yocto and Mender :
MACHINE = Jetson-nano-qspi-sd
DISTRO = tegrademo-mender
VERSION = dunfell-l4t-r32.4.3

But my problem is :
During the flash procedure, a Uboot was copy on the Jetson emmc. But I’ve my own Uboot on my sd card and I want the jetson nano to use it instead of the u-boot from its emmc.

How can I force the jetson nano to use the U-Boot from the sd card instead of its emmc ?

Thanks for your help

Are you sure you are using l4t rel-32.4.3?

Because the uboot only moves to QSPI after rel-32.5.1, rel-32.4.3 shall still uses uboot over the sdcard.

You can check it by reading the flash_l4t_t210_spi_sd_p3448.xml in your L4T package.

Hello thanks for your answer.

No, I’m using l4t-r32.4.3 for my custom image (I simply copy this image on my sd card without flashing the jetson with the flash tool).

But I use the last version of the L4t Driver Package to flash my jetson the first time. So I think it’s the r32.5.1.

So, do I need to flash my jetson with the l4t-t32.4.3 L4T Driver Package ?

Thanks for your help

Yes, you should.

We also don’t support such cross release software combination.

Thanks for your answer, it works !

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