Force resolution

Hi Guys,

I have what may be a stupid question, please bear with me.

I would like to “lock/force” the TX1 HDMI port to always output 1080p60 regardless if the monitor attached supports it or not.
Sometimes I’ve found that certain monitors will cause my Jetson to change resolution or the displayed image to somehow scale.
In my application I want to avoid this from happening and would rather that the monitor won’t work at all instead of the jetson scaling or adapting.

Is there any easy way of accomplishing this?


There may be a way to limit to 1080p60 for a monitor which has a valid EDID for that resolution, but the driver only supports values from EDID (which means the wire used to query the monitor, and thus the monitor must be connected).

If you need to guarantee 1080p60, then you probably need to set up a virtual desktop. Remote desktop clients could connect to this (even if local). I have no recommendation of specific virtual desktop clients.


You could also hard-coded an EDID in our driver so that TX1 will always output that mode.

1.Prepare a known 256byte EDID.
2. set use_fallback = true; in tegra_edid_get_monspecs() under edid.c.
3. fill in the known EDID to default_720p_edid[256].

Please note that it is possible to cause display has nothing out.