Force USB ports to USB 2.0 instead of USB 3.0

I have a USB 3.0 camera that is interfering with my GPS receiver (not attached to the Nano).

How can I force the USB to 2.0 so that the USB 3.0 camera stops causing interference? (This camera works on USB 2.0 albeit at a lower data rate).


Not sure if it works, but you may remove the USB3 pins from device tree for a try. In the device tree, USB2 and USB3 are paired to form a SS port.

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Is this dynamic though? I would like to be able to use USB 3 and later, force it to use USB 2.

The easiest thing to do is use a USB2 HUB between the camera and Jetson. If the HUB supports only USB2 or slower, then it will run in USB2 mode. Take the HUB out and it will revert to USB3. Incidentally, it is also an opportunity to offload power by using an externally powered USB2 HUB.

This is going to be difficult in a flying drone!

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