Forspoken - Really bad performance no matter the settings or the driver version

The game performance is very slow on any NVIDIA video card but it’s running great on AMD. There is a topic on GitHub where you can read all NVIDIA users have low performance ~15-25 FPS no matter the video settings. I’m with 1080 Ti but there are reports for different newer cards which perform bad as well.
The CPU and GPU are both not utilized and they are sitting around 15-19% and the result is 13-20 FPS (720p). I hate Windows but I installed it to see how the game will run. It’s running fantastic with 200 FPS on standard (720p) and with 70-80 FPS on Ultra settings on 1440p.
I even tried to play on lowest settings at 1024x768 but the performance is still horrible.
I tried different driver versions and there’s no change in performance. I even tried Vulkan dev 525.47.35 but there’s again no difference.
A fix will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Arch Linux
KDE Plasma
CPU: 9900K
GPU: 1080 Ti, driver version 535.98.
Linux Kernel v. 6.4.10
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.4 MB)

v. 535.104.05 - the problem is still here.

Pascal gpu’s are known to be performing very badly with vkd3d-proton titles, even Ada-Ampere has perf losses compared to native but Pascal perf loss is at extreme levels.

So not a thing that Nvidia will solve, if they were to do that they would do that in the last 2-3 years.

I don’t think that’s relevant here for It’s known to perform poorly on all NVIDIA cards on Linux. For example I can run Jagged Alliance 3 on 1080p everything on Ultra at stable 60FPS. I completed Hogwarts Legacy with the same settings and without any problems at all. The same aplies to Horizon Zero Dawn and many more D3D12 titles which I can play on Ultra with stable 60 FPS. However, I can’t play Forspoken even on lowest settings with FSR set to performance and resolution of 1024x768. It crawls with 13 FPS and my GPU isn’t utilized at all. It sits at 15-19%. It’s definitely not the architecture but it’s a problem like DOOM Eternal suffered previously but it has been fixed.

Then you might wanna try this but not sure if that can help here.

Unfortunately it doesn’t help at all.

This also seems to affect Halo Infinite too

EDIT: in halo infinite some textures even go pitch black … as showcased in the video I uploaded.

I have filed a bug 4260405 internally for tracking purpose.
Shall try to replicate issue locally and will keep updated on the same.

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Thank you very much!

Can you run benchmark on Forspoken game and share FPS value.
I tried on my local setup, and it was varying from 13-20 most of the time.

Yep, same here. And in real gameplay it stutters like hell.

Seems like Starfield is another game which suffers from the same issue(forspoke/halo infinite)

EDIT: it might be linked to Implement VK_NV_device_generated_commands_compute by HansKristian-Work · Pull Request #1639 · HansKristian-Work/vkd3d-proton · GitHub which currently fails on nvidia driver

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It seems it’s a serious problem…

Hmm, actually I don’t have problems with Starfield and the game is running fine:

It’s running butter smooth, so the problem with Forspoken is different.

Most people on nvidia are unable to get the game running also it is 100% that the game is not running at full speed because it runs into cpu bottleneck due to lack of certain extension(as covered by VKD3D Hans Kristian in and additional information which driver runs the game + lots of nvidia problems in general)

Yes but I can play it without any problems, there aren’t stutters at all, it’s butter smooth and the GPU gets utilized. With Forspoken it sits at 15-19% utilization and I hardly can get 13-15 FPS so the problem is obviously different.

For me and most nvidia users(check that thread as well as the linux reddits) – all experience similar behavior to what is described in forspoken and halo infinite, Hans explained that due the extension failing on nvidia it doesn’t provide optimal performance the game runs into a bottleneck and GPU is barely utilized(10-15%) and you receive performance of 10-40fps at best.
Please elaborate how you were able to run Starfield in first place and which nvidia driver, have you used environment variables ?

My GPU is utilized very well with Starfield. The second screenshot of mine is misleading. The GPU utilization is around 70-80% and the game is running fairly well. With Forespoken I can’t get past 20% GPU utilization and the perf is horrible. It’s literally unplayable.
For Starfield I’m using 525.125.06, 6.5.1-273-tkg-cfs and this VKD3D build with Proton 8.0-3.
The variables are:


This setup doesn’t help with Forspoken. I tried MANY different scenarios to no avail. It’s just a different problem.

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535.43.09 vulkan dev should have a fix for what is not working as outlined, but I can’t get halo infinite to run with it to test, if you have the time and are willing to try you can install it and have this as well VKD3D_CONFIG=skip_driver_workarounds in environment variables, if the issue is that extension it should fix it, but as I said I am unable to get halo infinite to run with it. Don’t have forspoken to test

The game doesn’t run at all with this variable, no matter the driver version. I already tested it.