Starfield's horrible performance (535.43.10)

Creating this just for the sake of separating the threads about Starfield not working at all ā€“ and about performance issues with it.

As of now, with Vulkan beta driver 535.43.10, I am able to launch the game using bleeding edge vkd3d built manually. But the performance is abysmal: anywhere between 26-28 to 38-40 FPS, depending on the scene, with very erratic frame times and horrible frame pacing.

This is almost 50% slower than performance of the same version of the game on the same machine on Windows 11 (55-75 FPS, depending on the scene, same settings, same everything, 537.42 Windows driver).

The h\w Iā€™m running is i5-13600K, 32 gigs of DDR5 5600 MTs and RTX 3070 Ti.

Right now, earlier issues with DGCC are kind of fixed on vkd3d side, so I have to assume that the culprit is the driver.

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