Freesync/Gsync Issue

So, generally Freesync seems to be working pretty OK for (excluding known limitations). However, in a few games, I get momentary/random black/blank screens for a few seconds every few minutes. So far, the easiest game to reproduce it with is anything in the Total War series (Thrones of Britania, Warhammer 1&2, Attila), which covers both OpenGL and Vulkan ports, along with in house ports (Attila by CA) and Feral Ports (all the rest). It is a pretty annoying issue, and reading other reports that things like that have been cleared up on the Windows side even on not “officially” supported monitors.

Distro: Arch Linux
Desktop: KDE/Plasma 5.15.2, Frameworks: 5.55.0
Kernel: 4.20.12-arch1
Monitor: VG271UP via Display Port

I’d like to bump this with the same issue, most noticeable either on loading screens or when there’s a sudden dips in fps. I’ve tried custom EDID with higher min refresh yet the blanking still occurs.

Here’s a reddit thread where someone tested multiple monitors and found very similar issues on most of them in Linux:

Same as in that thread mine doesn’t have these issues in Windows.

Thanks. I am still having the issue with the latest driver 430.14. Seems to mainly occur (maybe) where its goes in above and below the minimum freesync FPS (48 for my monitor) - only thing I can think of, but would need to do a bunch more testing to try to pin that down. Agreed that it is a very annoying issue, that, again, seemed present in the Windows driver awhile ago but fixed. Also wish as part of GSync/Freesync that NVIDIA would enable the FPS limiter in the Linux driver that exists in the Windows.

Really? WTH.