FreeSync/VESA Adaptive-Sync under Linux/NVIDIA drivers: Q&A thread

I wonder when and if we can expect Linux drivers with FreeSync support under Linux now that NVIDIA supports this technology under Windows.

[b]Edit: now available starting with NVIDIA drivers 418.30 (beta) released on January 31, 2018.

Currently only works via a DisplayPort connection.

Requires Pascal generation GPUs (GTX 10xx) or newer (Turing/RTX).[/b]

“stay tuned to for word on the release of the Game Ready driver that introduces G-SYNC Compatible support”
sounds like that’s also only a future feature on Windows, too.

Linux driver support for G-Sync is pretty good so why not.
C’mon NVIDIA Linux team! Make us happy :-)

Windows driver is out; what about Linux?

The freshly posted beta driver 418.30 contains support for G-SYNC Compatible monitors. See the README
for details.

Very cool, thanks for implementing it so quickly.

Took me while to find the “Allow G-SYNC on monitor not validated as G-SYNC Compatible” toggle under display configuration, but now it’s working well on my CHG70.

Should we expect this to work with USB-C connections? I know that documentation says DisplayPort only, but the USB-C connection is running the displayport protocol so I had hoped it would work, but I don’t see the options to turn it on in the control panel.

Does it work if you plug the monitor into a different DisplayPort connector instead of going through USB?

Well, I tried out the direct displayport connection and discovered that the monitor itself only supports adaptive sync on the displayport. There’s an option that is not available for the usb-c port, so I guess this won’t help us learn if the driver supports it :-)

When i tried with the physical displayport and turned it on on the monitor side, the options appeared in the control panel.

Enabling gsync can be quite a different experience depending on your desktop and compositor, sometimes you need to apply fixes to get it to even enable as I found out with GNOME which was forcing everything to blitting mode (no setting fixed it, need to recompile a fixed mutter and shell).

XFCE WM basically prevents gsync from working, same with compton, plasma5 kwin worked without much problems however both XFCE and KWIN would crash the desktop if enabling vsync option in games. Under Gnome I can use vsync and gsync wihtout crashing (needed or games tear the screen to hell and back!)

GSYNC IMO needs allot better desktop compositor support, (inc vsync freeze fixes), multi monitor support like how it works under windows (I know this is a xscreen issue, maybe parts of it need to be reworked to allow vrr multi monitor support).

Also it be nice to see fastsync and framerate control make an appearance in the nvidia-settings control panel sometime…

This is probably all too much to ask from NVIDIA since Linux is likely a pretty minimal piority for them… can always hope.