Black Screen with 10bit + DisplayPort 1.4a + DSC + Sync enabled

Current hardware is:
CPU: Ryzen 5950X
GPU: RTX 4090
Monitor: ViewSonic XG321UG (Gsync Ultimate 4K / 144Hz / MiniLED / HDR monitor)
Operating System: Windows 11
Game where bug can be reproduced 100% of the time: Valorant

When tabbing from full screen to windowed mode, or when games are loading / loading screens are encountered, the screen turns black for 1-2 second each time.

This seems to be a bug related to Display Stream Compression implementations on DP 1.4a (this is currently the highest bandwidth connection available b/w the GPU and this monitor (it does NOT have HDMI 2.1, due to the GSync module)

When I change the bit depth on the monitor to 8-bit color (RGB) the flickering is less, but is still there. When in 10-bit color mode, the flickering is worse.

This occurs on the latest Gaming drivers and Studio Drivers (I do a mix of creative work and gaming). Swapping DP cables has not fixed this. I have also swapped out the monitor once already.

Are there any logs I can give an Nvidia developer to help track down this bug? :) Happy to assist however I can.

Hi there @WinterCharm and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Thanks for joining here to report this issue.

Let me first try to set expectations. Seeing a blank screen during display mode changes (Yes, loading screens as well as switching from fullscreen to windowed cause mode changes), even if it is for a second, is not really considered a bug. There are numerous things that affect how Windows handles mode changes and not all are under control of the driver.

Some things that would warrant deeper investigation is if this happened during game play, especially for many different games. Or during normal Desktop operation. The next step would be to verify it happens with other Display models than the ViewSonic.

The Windows HDR settings might also play their part. Having the window manager switch between SDR and HDR will introduce latency which in turn might blank the screen.

I don’t want to block off your request, i can understand how annoying this might be, but there is really nothing to go on based on your description, I am sorry.

I see, thank you so much for taking the time to explain that this really isn’t a bug. I appreciate the reply and the kind explanation. Is there a way to close a post?

Posts will get closed once you mark something as a solution, or I can close it manually. Let me do that now.


CPU: Ryzen 5950X
GPU: RTX 4090
Monitor: Gigabyte M28U
Operating System: Windows 11
Where this happens a lot: Unreal Editor

I get this same behavior a lot. It is more easily triggered by alt tabbing but it also happens during normal desktop usage. A lot more while using the Unreal Editor for some reason.

The more bandwidth is pushed through the HDMI cable, the worse it gets. If I tone down bitdepth / refresh rate to a point where DSC is not needed, the black screen flicker never happens.

One difference in my setup is that the monitor does indeed have an HDMI2.1 connector, but it does not support the full bandwidth of the spec and needs DSC when combining the highest resolution with the highest refresh rate.

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