G-Sync + DSC 4K 144 Hertz black video output while gaming

Hello, I have just bought a 4K 144 Hertz screen.

Trying to play at 144 Hertz (DSC activated in the monitor) + G-Sync results in black video output.
No issues using the desktop (maybe because it stays all the time at 144 Hertz? who knows).

Putting the monitor at 95 Hertz with DSC fixes it (it is the second available frequency with it enabled).
Putting it at 120 Hertz without DSC fixes it.

I have a RTX 2060 Super (2 x Display Port 1.4a 2 x HDMI 2.0) and driver 535.104.05.
The monitor is a brand new LG UltraGear GR93U 27" 4K 144 Hertz.

Tested with a certified DP 1.4 cable and the cable included with the monitor with the same result.

EDIT: I’ll share a log, I have started it before launching a game with the issue, I hope it is good.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (5.2 MB)
And a video where I show to you the issue (I’m sorry for the mic, my phone has some issue too!)

You’ll get problems soon. I promise you that. I believe it’s related to the driver bug where peoples screens are flickering at high refresh rates. Hopefully the bug they’ve triaged is the same… because this is goddamn annoying.