Black screen with HDR/240 hz when switching or closing game fullscreens

I have a odyssey g9 oled monitor, 4080 super, and intel 14900k. It used to be beautiful for gaming but recently about for a month now, Im facing issues when alt tabbing or quitting games in full screen. The screen goes black. It comes back when I unplug and replug the display cable.
A quick search led to the conclusion there are issues with dsc, however they seem to be only cases of a intermediary black screen, which is not my case where it stays like that. I was able to fix the issue by turning off hdr and lowering refresh rate from 240hz to 120hz. Switching to borderless/windowed mode also works.
I have rolled back recently installed drivers and even reset my pc. None of them seems to work.
Can someone help please?


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