Freeze while loading session with 440,450 and 455 drivers

Since one o two weeks ago, my system started to freeze while loading the session. Sometimes I can start the session but will freeze after a few seconds. I am creating a new topic because even if there are a lot of similar issues posted here i don’t see any similar to what I am having because most of the time I can’t even start the session and i am forced to do a hard reset everytime.
This issue only happens with 440 driver and higher. I don’t know what exactly the driver 440 has that it’s not in the driver 390, but probaly the issue is there.
Since it’s affecting everything from 440 to 455 I believe the issue is related to a package that interacts with one of nvidia driver packages. Since i have no idea what exactly interacts with it, i can’t do anything beyond that.

I am using Kubuntu Focal Fossa with a gtx 650 yi GPU, a Ryzen 3500X CPU and 12 GB of memory

Some pointers

  1. I already have done a fresh install, 3 times, one being a total format of my HD
  2. I tested it in KDE and Gnome, both in xorg and wayland.
  3. I have logs that I generated after doing the hard reset. I can use alt+F2 in the login screen but only in the login screen, if I start the session it will freeze and nothing will work
  4. The times that i somehow started the session, when the system freezes nothing works but i can move my mouse pointer around.

dmesg.txt (76.1 KB) lspci.txt (12.1 KB) prevboot.txt (176 KB) varlogNvidia.txt (26.9 KB) nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (260.9 KB)