Fullscreen OpenGL Window on HDMI output of Tablet.

’m developing a OpenGL based App that should render fullscreen when connected through the HDMI output of the Tablet. On the preferences of the Tablet, I can set it to go fullscreen on the HDMI display for Videos which work fine. This means, as soon as I play a video using the VideoPlayer it uses up the complete screen displays connected to the HDMI. However, when I run my app, it simply shows it as a mirror display with lower resolution. Around the App, android sets a black rectangle.

I’ve found out how to listen to the broadcast of “android.intent.action.HDMI_PLUGGED” but I’m not sure how to disable showing the app on the tablet and going fullscreen on the HDMI. I was expecting this to be done by the Tablet and that I would receive a “Context Destroyed” fllowed by a Context Created.

Is there a way to programmatically go fullscreen only on the HDMI output? It must be possible as the VideoPlayer does it.