Functions of "jetson safety extension package"

Due to few information about the jetson safety extension package,
I’d like to know the the information of the block diagram

  1. pls see the attachment, What are the meanings of “EQOS”, “AO” and the “SYS”?

  2. For the “AO” block,
    2.1: AO receives the data from the saftety MCU passively, is it right?
    2.2 What kind information should the AO block should receive or send?

Sorry for the late response, our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks

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EQOS is for RGMII interface. AO is always-on power rail. The SPI interface is bi-directional and used to communicate with safety MCU.

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Thanks for your reply.
And sorry for late reply.
I’d like to ask more detail,

  1. What kind of data will be send/read through these ports?
    e.g. the ‘SYS’ sneds out the ‘reset command’
    the ‘AO’ sends out the temperature info.
  2. Are the function blocks enabled by default or by applying the JSEP?


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