G15 5530 RTX 4050 Ubuntu 20.04 not booting (black screen) after installing drivers

I am trying to dual boot Ubuntu 20.04 with Windows 11. Ubuntu is booting fine after installation but as soon as I install the driver nvidia:535 it stops booting and only a blank screen is visible.

Nvidia bug report:
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (313.8 KB)

Things i have done:

  • installed nvidia:535 driver (using ubuntu-drivers install nvidia:535)
  • blacklisted nouveau
  • selected nvidia on prime-select
  • Turned off TPM and Secure boot

Laptop specs:

  • Intel i7 13650HX
  • Nvidia RTX 4050
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB SSD

Note: Driver works fine on Ubuntu 22 but not on Ubuntu 20.04

The nvidia driver is working fine but the kernel is too old to drive your 13th gen intel igpu, at least kernel 6.1 needed for that. When no driver is installed, FBDEV is used as a fallback. When the nvidia driver is installed, it’s the only one functional, the internal display getting black because the nvidia gpu is not driving it but the intel gpu.
In general, Ubuntu 22.04 should be used for that device, if you can’t go without 20.04, you’ll have to add the liquorix ppa to install the latest kernel and download and install the needed firmware package manually.

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I have installed liquorix but Ubuntu does not boot after that and freezes. I booted by changing ‘quiet splash’ to ‘nomodeset’.
Now I am trying to install the firmware package you provided as the root user by the dpkg -i *.deb but it gives the following error:

dpkg: regarding linux-firmware_20230919.git3672ccab-0ubuntu2.1_amd64.deb containing linux-firmware:
 linux-firmware breaks amd64-microcode (<= 3.20220411.1ubuntu1)
  amd64-microcode (version 3.20191218.1ubuntu1.2) is present and installed.

dpkg: error processing archive linux-firmware_20230919.git3672ccab-0ubuntu2.1_amd64.deb (--install):
 installing linux-firmware would break amd64-microcode, and
 deconfiguration is not permitted (--auto-deconfigure might help)
Errors were encountered while processing:

uname -r gives ‘6.3.13-1-liquorix-amd64’.

It’s freezing because the i915 driver is now active but the firmware is missing, nomodeset is disabling it (again).
Please try the firmware package for 22.04, it should be compatible and hopefully supports your intel cpu:

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Thank you so much this solved the problem!!

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