No boot after installing NVIDIA driver Ubuntu 20.04

Hi everyone,
I am using Ubuntu 20.04 with kernel “6.3.13-1-liquorix-amd64”. My pc has a RTX 4060 laptop.
If I install NVIDIA driver then Ubuntu freezes while booting, I have tried different version of driver but still same behaviour.

I am using liquorix version of kernel because the default version does not see my SSD and wifi so I am not able to use it. My pc is an Inspiron 16 plus 7630 → Processor: 13th gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-13620H and SSD: NVMe PM9B1 NVMe Samsung 1024Gb.
I need Ubuntu 20.04 because of ROS noetic

When does it freeze? And by freezing do you mean the black screen thing?
Can you see the grub menu?

I can see the grub menù, if I start ubuntu while booting it remains in black screen and never boot

Can you try this?
Go to advance options → recovery mode

Go to root and try this
sudo update-initramfs -u

I realised that since it is root, sudo has no meaning.

Your internal display is driven by the intel igpu which needs a recent kernel and firmware. It seems liquorix has dropped support for 20.04 so you can only hope kernel 6.3 is new enough. Please download and install the firmware package:
Meanwhile, you should check if you can connect a monitor to the hdmi/dp port, this is like driven by the nvidia gpu and then would show the desktop.

Thanks to all
hdmi port does not work. I have installed the packaged and it seems that there are some progress, ubuntu starts but then I end up in a black screen with a flashing underscore

If I run using “nomodeset” option it starts but there is no output/input audio devices.

Update: I have install another version on NVIDIA drivers and now it works. Still no audio

Like the error message tells, the audio firmware is missing.
It’s just a plain bad idea to install ubuntu 20.04 on a notebook with new hardware.

Everything is working perfectly now. Thanks a lot!!
I know that is a bad idea but unfortunately ROS noetic is available only on Ubuntu 20.04

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