Ubuntu doesn't boot after driver installation

Ubuntu 20.04
Driver: 550
Laptop with dual graphics

Hello everyone,
I’ve been trying to solve an issue for days now and I’m still stuck.
I’ve already tried many proposed solutions in other forum posts, unfortunately without success.
I’m not exactly sure what triggered it, either a Nvidia driver installation or an apt-get upgrade. In any case, since then my Ubuntu doesn’t boot with a GUI anymore, only the black screen with blinking cursor.
In recovery mode, the GUI always boots. The GPU is also recognized by Nvidia-SMI.
I hope someone can help me out.

Best regards

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (363.5 KB)

The 5.15 kernel 20.04 is too old for your amd gpu. Using this is not recommendable, plain bad idea. You can use the liquorix ppa to install a newer kernel but support is dropped. You might also need to install the 22.04 linux-firmware package.

Thank you for the quick response! @generix
Unfortunately, due to a program requirement, I rely on Ubuntu 20.04.
Is it possible to exclusively use the Nvidia GPU, or does that also cause issues with the kernel?
Or what would be your advice if I need 20.04?
Best regards

To all who have the same issue. It was the AMD graphics drivers… I was so focused on the Nvidia drivers that I forgot about the AMD iGPU.
Solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoGYR3JiH-A
(Installing AMD driver from website)

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