GeForce 7950GT and Vista The issue are the drivers..

Having a XFX GeForce 7950GT graphic card in a computer running Vista leads to a lot of frustration as it seems :wacko:
Driverd for this devise are more or less undeveloped or hidden behind other cardnames. The GeForce and TNT Drivers do NOT work :no: and the Drivers MS Vist’s Windows Update want to use is nothing but horrible :thumbsdown: give lower quality and too many failurs concerning among other things dual-screen.

When will there be made a Driver-pack that goes to the GeForce Go 7 Series, or to be more spesific the XFX GeForce 7950GT Play hard graphic card - where it sais that it is certified for Vista…

– Eckmann –

Hi, you should try posting your questions in one of these forums instead:
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…ehm… yeah… like here… :thumbup: