Windows 177.35 CUDA 2.0b2 Driver Update now supports all cards

This is a cross-post from the CUDA 2.0b2 thread–just wanted to make sure everyone has seen it.

If you’re unable to install 177.35 due to a “no supported devices found” error, download the new driver. This will be all cards except the GTX 280 and GTX 260. If you have a GTX 280 or GTX 260, you do not need to download this update; it only adds support for other cards.

Remember, this is a beta driver intended for CUDA development only.

WinXP 177.35 driver
WinXP 64-bit 177.35 driver
Vista 32-bit 177.35 driver
Vista 64-bit 177.35 driver

Thank you for the update.

Now, my 8800GTX works, but this driver does not support Geforce FX 5200.

I use Geforce FX 5200 for display.

That is expected behavior. Only NV4x (and later) GPUs will be supported in display drivers which support the GTX 2x0.

My Quadro NVS 135M card (notebook) is aparently unsupported. Is this normal or should it be supported?

Regards, Pete

:biggrin: I have downloaded this update and noticed that the CUDA samples now work with my HP 8710w notebook that has a FX1600M graphics card.

External Image However the support for two displays while docked stopped working. The new driver does not appear to recognize the first monitor connected to the DVI port on the docking station. The first (DVI) display shows the boot-up sequence and the second monitor connected to the analog port is activated after startup.

The control panel only displays the second analog monitor while trying to configure two monitors.

Does CUDA only support a single monitor?

Is there a new version of the control panel I need to load that is separate from the driver download?

Unfortunately these are generic beta drivers which will not necessarily support all the features of your laptop.

On my 9600GT it also seems that PureVideo has some bugs… using cyberlink decoders decoding 1080p24 vc-1 at 20-30mbps and 1080i50 h264 at 10-15mbps there are a lot of framedrops. Same setup using the 174.55 drivers plays them fine. Switching to software decoding does not help so I suspect it to be related to processing rather than actual decoding.

Not really an Cuda issue, but hope it will be solved a upcoming release.

I have noticed a significant slowdown of my CUDA program with this version of drivers. With 174.55 version my program runs twice as fast.

My program works with driver API, it uses modules, textures, asyncronous data transfer. Generally it creates lots of small tasks and run them concurrently using CUDA streams.

Does this driver support mobile cards, such as the 8600M GS? I can’t seem to get this to install. I’ve seen several workarounds on various posts (for 1.1 and XP), but I’m concerned about using these on the new driver and with Vista. Beta 1 installed fine for me.