Gentoo shutdown when start xorg with nvidia drivers

Hello, I have this problem, actually i use optirun for run nvidia gpu Geforce 740M with the kernel 3.10.25, the problem is when i start a program sometimes the computer shutdown instantly, i upload the nvidia-bug-report but the problem is i don’t found any problem in the logs, i search in the /var/logs/messages and don’t exist any message about this bug, I tested with 4 versions of nvidia-drivers and i have the same problem, the actually version is 334.21 for gentoo.

Bug Report


When you say “shutdown instantly,” do you mean that the system just powers off immediately, or does it go through the operating system’s shutdown process first? If it’s just powering off, then that sounds like your power supply unit’s over-current protection kicking in, or possibly a thermal shutdown. Are the system’s fans free of dust and spinning freely?

This happens on some laptops when nvidia kernel module mysteriously fails to bring up the gpu with kernel messages such as “NVRM: GPU at … has fallen off the bus” or “nvrm: rm_init_adapter failed”. On some laptops it happens to be workaround-able on 3.10+ kernels by booting with ‘rcutree.rcu_idle_gp_delay=1’ kernel option. See also the Linux 3.10+ Driver crash thread

Internal nvidia bug report numbers should be 1341332 for the 3.10+ kernel problem and 1021637 for an earlier problem with similar symptoms. Any chance of an update on those?