Getting a exit code -1073740791 from minecraft, as well as crashing from ultimaker cura. issues with openGL

I keep on crashing in specific scenario’s in both Minecraft and ultimaker cura, a 3d printing slicing software.

both of these software’s both use OpenGL for their rendering, and both in certain/weird situations crash, I don’t want to go into too much detail here since I’ve already went into great detail in other places, but in short, Minecraft crashes after 20 minutes of use with shaders enabled, and for cura, this program crashes when you have a menu open, and slice a model after adjusting a setting in said menu.

I did testing with both my dedicated 3060 laptop GPU, as well as my integrated graphics, and for both apps, they only crash when I have the Nvidia graphics running, when using the integrated intel graphics, I could run both programmes without any problems or crashing.

for more details about cura crashing

for more details for Minecraft crashing

and if you want to look deeper into the Minecraft crashes or similar issues other people have encountered, search (Minecraft exit code “-1073740791”) including the quotations, but not the brackets.


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