Getting Started with AI Course cannot see camera image

Have a new Nano, downloaded the SD card image, boots OK. Bought the suggested Logitech camera. The Jupyter notebook constantly drops connection (to MS Edge running on a Windows PC). Cannot ever see the camera image. That step in the notebook always fails.

Hi alefor,

Please check if you have flashed your microSD card with “”.

There is more detail in this thread.

Really appreciate your help. Yes, I flashed that zip file. It does work, I can log in to Jupyter, but it often drops the connection. Then I cannot run all the parts to get to the camera image.

Not sure where the problem is to cause the connection drops, could you change to test with another router?

There is no router. Its connected by a USB cable as per the instructions. I can log into Jupiter but it quickly drops the connection. Maybe I am using the wrong browser? I get part way thru but can never get to see the camera image (the USB camera recommended)

Maybe I am using the wrong browser?
Which browser you’re using? You may try with Chrome.