Getting started with ConnectX-5 100Gb/s adapter for Windows 2019 Server

I attached ConnectX-5 to 2 Windows 2019 servers and installed the WinOF-2 drivers. After the installation was completed, the ConnecX-5 cards installed in the two servers were connected with Infiniband cables.
I use “MLNX_WinOF2-3_20_50010_All_x64.exe”.

In device manager each ConnectX-5 is displayed in network adpater. However, the link between the two units is not connected. How can I make it a link? There is no opensm.exe.


I bought 2 ConnectX-5s. One ConnectX-5 was installed on each of the two servers. And, the ConnectX-5 cards mounted on the two servers were connected with a 100G cable.

  1. Server OS : Windows 2019 standard
  2. ConnectX-5 Card Model No : CX555A
  3. cable Model No : MCP1600

Currently, when Link_Type_P1=2, the LED of the card turns on and the connection is made normally.

But, when Link_Type_P1=1, the card’s LED doesn’t turn on. That is, there is no connection between the cards.

I’m not ethernet type, I want to use IB type.

How can I set and use IB type with ConnecX-5 in Windows server environment?

Like OpenSM in ConnectX-3, what additional settings do I need to set to connect the link? Please let me know how to set it up.

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I think you should check to use proper firmware version of ConnectX-5 and cable type (MCP1600-E).
Please check the LINKs below

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NVIDIA Network Support

After installing the WinMFT_x64_4_23_0_104.exe program on the server, the MLNX_WinOF2-3_20_50010_All_x64.exe program was installed.
When installing the MLNX_WinOF2-3_20_50010_All_x64.exe program, the firmware was automatically updated.

After installing the driver, set Link_Type_P1=2 and restart the servers. In that case, the orange LED on the card lit up before both servers booted up. When the server booting is complete, the LED turns green and communication is established between the two servers through ConnectX-5.

However, after setting Link_Type_P1=1, the servers were restarted. In that case, the orange LED on the card lit up before both servers booted up. Even if the server boots up, the LED turns orange and communication between the two servers is not possible through ConnectX-5.

When using ConnectX-3, the LED turned orange even after booting after setting to IB mode. However, when I set up and started openSM, the LED turned green. Does ConnectX-5 not have the same function as OpenSM in Windows Server? Or is there another way?