getting the problem during the installation of nsight visual studio

Respected sir,

iam getting the problem in installing the nsight visual studio 3.0.

In the installation dialog box, it is saying

[b]Nsight C++ AMP Debugger will not be installed
Requirement not met: visual studio 11 was not found

warning:microsoft visual studio 11 MSVSMON.exe was not found[/b]

but i didn’t find them in the google.

pls provide the links from where should i download.

I tried for nsight visual studio 2.2, there iam not encounterd this problem.

my laptop is ASUS x53s and graphics card is NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 520 MX 1GB.

iam awaiting for your reply.



Are you looking for the C++ AMP support and if so, do you have Visual Studio 2012 installed? If you are not wanting C++ AMP support, you don’t have to worry about this. If you have VS 2010 or 2008, you will be able to do CUDA and/or graphics debugging after the installation is complete.

hi rafi,

in the installer dialog box, it is asking visual studio 11.

I searched for it in google, but i didn’t find it.

If you give your mail id, i will send the screen shot to you.

This is a bug. By “Visual Studio 11” it actually means “Visual Studio 2012”. It will be fixed in the next release. If you don’t need C++ AMP support, it is not necessary to install Visual Studio 2012.