While installing cuda 11.7.0

Hi, when installing cuda 11.7.0 with VS-2022 previously installed I got this message:

** - Nsight for Visual Studio 2022**
** - Nsight Monitor**
Not Installed:
** - Nsight for Visual Studio 2019**
** Reason: VS2019 was not found**
** - Nsight for Visual Studio 2017**
** Reason: VS2017 was not found**
** - Integrated Graphics Frame Debugger and Profiler**
** Reason: see …**
** - Integrated CUDA Profilers**
** Reason: see …**s

Is this a problem? Do I have to install several versions of VS?!


Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums! This topic belongs in the Nsight Visual Studio forum. I will move it over for you.

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This shouldn’t be a problem. The installer tries to automatically detect which VS versions are installed and integrate into them. This message comes up if you don’t have one of the detectable versions. There should be no impact on your usage.

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Thanks for your reply.