Gf108 Please continious support

After the release of kernel 5.6, gt440 stopped working. The driver is not going to. Now is not the best time to upgrade hardware. Covid-19. Please help my. :(

I don’t know what kind of distro you’re using but you should stay away from using the .run installer. Please use a packaged driver provided by your distro or switch to a LTS kernel.

Sorry. Distro opensuse tumbleweed. Kernel 5.6.
I’m not use run file. Using nvidia opensuse repo.

You could try using the arch patches on the dkms source:

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I’m try. Driver not install. Error messages.

I suspect you have to apply all three patches one after another. Did you use --dry-run to check if the patches apply cleanly? Please describe the steps you’ve done.

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I’m apply only kernel-5.6.patch.
Now I will beat all three

Ok. I’m apply all pathes. This is working. Thank You.
Patched driver (openSUSE Tumbleweed x86_64)