Need 340 driver patch for kernel 5.8

I’ve a desktop with a GeForce 9600 GT GPU running Ubuntu 20.04 since september 2020. So far I haven’t had any problem whatsoever with it, but after the yesterday’s second to last upgrade (today there was another one - v. 5.8.0-36) of the linux kernel v. 5.8.0-34, the OS hangs with a black screen during the boot up process.
It’s to be noted that with the previous version of the kernel (v. 5.4.0-59 - Ububtu 20.04) the computer still works flawlessly.
First I’ve tried to solve the problem setting the kernel parameter nomodeset, but without success. After that, trying to understand what’s happening, I found the (attached) file /var/crash/nvidia-340.0.crash, dated 7 jan, which contains many errors related to the nvidia driver.
Given that I’m not able to understand what those errors mean and how to remove them, I’m asking if there’s anyone that can help me.
nvidia-340.0.crash (854.8 KB)

The 340 legacy driver is out of support for more than a year now so it doesn’t get updates for newer kernels. Better change your subject to something like ‘need 340 driver patch for kernel 5.8’. Maybe some user has it. Otherwise, open a bug report/request with your distro. Meanwhile, try to boot into your old kernel. or install an older kernel.

I wasn’t aware of the fact nvidia doesn’t support the driver 340 anymore. Now the problem is clear and the feasible solutions as well, I have just to choose the most convenient one. In the meantime I’ll run the kernel v. 5.4.

Thank you for your help.

There should be an updated driver now in the Ubuntu repo:

It works. Thanks