Nvidia 340.108 driver with kernel 5.3 and GT240M OpenSuse 15.2


OpenSuse leap 15.2 with kernel 5.3

legacy driver from nvidia site compiles without errors and loads to kernel.
nvidia-smi shows card information without any errors.

But, if I start Xorg, the black screen shown and system hangs. No logs or any info, just hangs

In 4.12 kernel, from leap 15.1, driver also compiles without any errors and works well. After Xorg started there is “nvidia” splash and everything is working

Is there any solution to start this card on kernel 5.3 ?

I have successfuly built module for kernel 5.4. It`s starts normaly, but same problems with ttys black screens after resume. Kernel 5.4 from kernel.org and nvidia module from debian package “nvidia-340_340.108-0ubuntu5.20.04.2_amd64.deb”

Kernel 5.4 is a solution