glutMainLoop() excutes what?

I’m trying to solve sample code “SobelFilter”.

Now…I could understand how to process each sub function.

But in the main function main(), what function is excuted by glutMainLoop()?

I think the main loop is included at, but I can understand how to connect algorithmic subfunction and glutMainLoop().

I searched website for glutMainLoop(). but I can’t understand it.

Does gerneral form like glutMainLoop(CallBacks)??

Other functions are formed as glutKeyboardFunc(Keyborard)…

Plz give me some hint…


This isn’t really a CUDA question, but glutMainLoop basically runs the callback functions defined by glutDisplayFunc() etc. in main. The main display function “display()” gets called every time the display needs to be updated.

GLUT documentation is here:…pec3/spec3.html

Thank you for your kindness!!

Best regards…