Got NIC s labeled MCX314A-BCCT but but BIOS shows only single port

MCX314A-BCCT is on PCB label (suppose to be dual 40G ports), but when I’ve run mlxup it shows card as MCX-313A single port NIC

Hello Andy,

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Based on your information, please make sure you sue the latest version of ‘mlxup’ from the following link →

You can also download the .bin file directly from the following link and use the ‘flint’ or ‘mstflint’ command to burn directly to the device.

Download link →

Latest MFT Tools →

Example command:

flint -d -i burn


If you still experiencing any issues after this procedure, please do not hesitate to open a Mellanox Support Ticket (Valid Support contract needed) through

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~Mellanox Technical Support