GPGPU-based malware, and where to find Instruction Set Reference for NVIDIA GPUs

I’m a graduate student who’s studying the topic of GPGPU-based malware. Through my research, I discovered this paper, barely over a year old:

There is a live rootkit that uses the GPU in some as-yet unknown ways:

My goal is to write some plugins for IDAPro/Immunity debugger to ease the pain of reverse-engineering this kind of threat. Thus far, I’ve found “decuda,” which doesn’t appear to work on the latest CUDA version (6.0) and asfermi… which is a fermi assembler, but that’s not as good as an actual Instruction Set Architecture reference. Neither of these can take a fully-compiled program and provide BOTH the x86 disassembly AND the assembly generated for the kernel.

Is there some avenue where I can get my hands on this ISA so we can start protecting our machines more gracefully?