Gpio access from user space on TX2 4GB SOM

i wan to access all gpios from user space using application.
do i need to write a module driver to create a gpio node that application can use it to read/write on gpio pin.

gpiochip_setup_dev: registered GPIOs 320 to 511 on device: gpiochip0 (tegra-gpio)
[ 0.452408] gpiochip_setup_dev: registered GPIOs 256 to 319 on device: gpiochip1 (tegra-gpio-aon)

I need to write to above pins also i want to access gpio expander pin from my application.

Any help will be appreciated.

hello anupam.kumar,

please also refer to similar discussion thread, Topic 144550, for several ways to access GPIOs. such as, kernel APIs, python scripts, C++ samples.