Gpio pin is in Main Gpio or Aon Gpio Controller ???

Hi All,

In Jetson Tx2 board, Connector J26, 9 pins is CAN0_ERR.
In Pin Mux Excel sheet, the details as: CAN0_ERR pin name and gpio pin name is: GPIO3_PAA.05

Could not find out whether this pin belongs to Main gpio controller or Aon Gpio controller?
How to get this detail? Checked the TRM of Parker Series SOC.

Need the help.


You can reference to below file to know the pin


Apologies for the stupid question. I am completely new to this.

How do I access this directory? I cannot find kernel-4.4 or tegra186-gpio.h anywhere.

Please download the l4t-document and follow it to download the kernel source code to find it.