GPIOs on the Drive PX2 AutoChauffeur


Where can I find information about GPIOs of Drive PX2 AutoChauffeur?

HSAutolink may have GPIO interfaces.

Has someone GPIO # and pin# of AutoChauffeur?


Dear nvdpx2,

Can I know what they’re trying to use them for? Thanks.

Thanks SteveNV,

Customers want to connect some simple sensors through GPIO pins.
They do not describe detailed info about sensors.

I asked this same question over a year ago and I notice that this question is also unanswered for almost half a year.

For us it’s a very important feature, we need it to synchronize the time bases of our various sensors. Will this ever get fixed? Our only alternative is to stop testing on drivepx2 and go back to using PCs.


I got a short answer about this GPIO.
And it is not for customer, but system internal.
Consequently it will be disappeared at next version.

It will be cleared when detailed specification of Drive Xavier is released.