GPU driver doesn't work On Ubuntu 18.04

I have Dell Precision 5760 with NV Quadro RTX A3000(6G) card, and it comes with preinstalled Ubuntu 18.04,
when I tried to connect to my external Monitor, but it doesn’t work.
and it has nvidia-driver-470 driver installed, here are some video card check result:

uname -ra
Linux 5.4.0-89-generic #100~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 29 10:59:42 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

sudo ubuntu-drivers devices:
== /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:01.0/0000:01:00.0 ==
modalias : pci:v000010DEd000024B8sv00001028sd00000A5Ebc03sc00i00
vendor : NVIDIA Corporation
driver : nvidia-driver-460-server - distro non-free
driver : nvidia-driver-470 - distro non-free recommended
driver : nvidia-driver-470-server - distro non-free
driver : nvidia-driver-460 - distro non-free
driver : xserver-xorg-video-nouveau - distro free builtin

== /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.3 ==
modalias : pci:v00008086d000043F0sv00008086sd00004070bc02sc80i00
vendor : Intel Corporation
manual_install: True
driver : backport-iwlwifi-dkms - distro free

glxinfo | grep renderer
GLX_MESA_multithread_makecurrent, GLX_MESA_query_renderer,
GLX_EXT_visual_rating, GLX_MESA_copy_sub_buffer, GLX_MESA_query_renderer,
Extended renderer info (GLX_MESA_query_renderer):
OpenGL renderer string: llvmpipe (LLVM 10.0.0, 256 bits)

xrandr --verbose
xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default
Screen 0: minimum 3840 x 2400, current 3840 x 2400, maximum 3840 x 2400
default connected primary 3840x2400+0+0 (0x2b0) normal (normal) 0mm x 0mm
Identifier: 0x2af
Timestamp: 36805
Subpixel: unknown
CRTCs: 0
Transform: 1.000000 0.000000 0.000000
0.000000 1.000000 0.000000
0.000000 0.000000 1.000000
non-desktop: 0
supported: 0, 1
3840x2400 (0x2b0) 811.008MHz *current
h: width 3840 start 0 end 0 total 3840 skew 0 clock 211.20KHz
v: height 2400 start 0 end 0 total 2400 clock 88.00Hz

sudo lshw -c display:

*-display UNCLAIMED
description: VGA compatible controller
product: NVIDIA Corporation
vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
physical id: 0
bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0
version: a1
width: 64 bits
clock: 33MHz
capabilities: pm msi pciexpress vga_controller bus_master cap_list
configuration: latency=0
resources: iomemory:600-5ff iomemory:620-61f memory:a9000000-a9ffffff memory:6000000000-61ffffffff memory:6200000000-6201ffffff ioport:3000(size=128) memory:aa080000-aa0fffff
*-display UNCLAIMED
description: VGA compatible controller
product: Intel Corporation
vendor: Intel Corporation
physical id: 2
bus info: pci@0000:00:02.0
version: 01
width: 64 bits
clock: 33MHz
capabilities: pciexpress msi pm vga_controller bus_master cap_list
configuration: latency=0
resources: iomemory:620-61f iomemory:400-3ff memory:628c000000-628cffffff memory:4000000000-400fffffff ioport:4000(size=64) memory:c0000-dffff memory:4010000000-4016ffffff memory:4020000000-40ffffffff

sudo prime-select query:


ERROR: NVIDIA driver is not loaded

ERROR: Unable to load info from any available system

(nvidia-settings:30665): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: 20:15:21.464: g_object_unref: assertion ‘G_IS_OBJECT (object)’ failed
** Message: 20:15:21.465: PRIME: No offloading required. Abort
** Message: 20:15:21.465: PRIME: is it supported? no


NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn’t communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running.

sudo journalctl -b0 _COMM=gdm-x-session --no-pager > journal.txt
the journal file as attachedjournal.txt (102.6 KB)

Also my have hard driver full encryption is enabled, but I can’t disable it, is this the reason that Driver could not be loaded?

Thanksnvidia-bug-report.log.gz (512.8 KB)

[ 1.831309] [drm] Your graphics device 9a60 is not properly supported by the driver in this
kernel version. To force driver probe anyway, use i915.force_probe=9a60
module parameter or CONFIG_DRM_I915_FORCE_PROBE=9a60 configuration option,
or (recommended) check for kernel updates.

You’d need a newer kernel to support your integrated GPU.
Sounds just stupid from Dell to install Ubuntu 18.04 on it.
I’d recommend installing Ubuntu 20.04 and a HWE kernl with it.

The nvidia driver is loading.
But also is the nouveau, which should be blacklisted.
The nvidiafb driver also needs to be blacklisted (maybe that’s the reason the X server quits saying it can’t run in framebuffer mode).

However as said before, I’d install a newer OS and kernel.

Ok, Thank you for your response, Iet me try the configuration change first. we are still using 18,04 for development, 20.04 will cause other problems. if it doesn’t work, I will try upgrade OS.