GPU Memory Requirement for running Isaac Gym

I have tried to repeatedly install the Isaac Gym on laptops having 4GB GPU memory (Quadro T2000, RTX 3050), however, the Isaac Gym instance crashes every time I try to run it. Are there additional steps required for installing the same?

I am able to run it successfully on a workstationith RTX 3090 with the same set of installation instructions.

Hi @mkulkarni,

The more environments you try to use, the more VRAM you need. You can use the num_envs command line parameter when training any of the IsaacGymEnvs examples to reduce the VRAM needs.

Take care,

@gstate Thank you for your reply.
I am unable to run even the Isaac Gym examples such as 1080 balls of solitude, or domain randomization on GPUs that have 4GB of VRAM. Can you please confirm if this happens for GPUs with 4GBs of memory

Hi @gstate
Could you please help me with the above question?
I am not able to run IsaacGym (any environment of any small size) on a laptop having a GPU memory of 4GB.

Thank you