GPU power consumption from tegrastats utility

tegrastats is giving me the following output

sudo tegrastats
04-18-2024 23:36:20 RAM 3541/7471MB (lfb 21x2MB) SWAP 1544/3736MB (cached 2MB) CPU [16%@1510,18%@1510,16%@1420,26%@1420,12%@1510,18%@1510] EMC_FREQ 2%@2133 GR3D_FREQ 35%@[305,0] VIC_FREQ 435 APE 200 CV0@-256C CPU@55.468C SOC2@54.343C SOC0@53C CV1@-256C GPU@54.812C tj@55.468C SOC1@54.687C CV2@-256C VDD_IN 6180mW/6180mW VDD_CPU_GPU_CV 1307mW/1307mW VDD_SOC 1624mW/1624mW

i want to estimate the the instantaneous power consumption by GPU , and for that I am using the value VDD_CPU_GPU_CV 1307mW/1307mW

is that correct. should I be adding/subtracting anything else ? Kindly guide. Thanks a lot

Hi chakravarty.aditya28,

Yes, you can check that value.
You can also find more details for each channel in Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson Orin Nano Series

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