GPU Programming Made Easy A CUDA-enabled MATLAB engine


We have just released a free beta version of Jacket that is designed to make GPU programming really easy. Jacket is a CUDA Engine for MATLAB. It is a highly optimized runtime system, including optimized memory transfers, kernel configuration, and a compile on-the-fly system.

Jacket makes GPU computing easy because it overloads standard MATLAB functions, such as arithematic operators, matrix multiply, FFT, subscripted referencing and assignment, etc. In other words, you do not need to change your MATLAB functions to be able to use Jacket. All you need to do is cast the input data to those functions to Jacket’s ‘gsingle’ data type.

You can check it out at:

We look forward to hearing your feedback on Jacket and adapting it to best meet the needs of the community.


John Melonakos

Sounds nice, congratulations.

I assume that this is closed source, no?

Yes, it is closed source and will become a commercial product. During this beta phase, we are analyzing the commercialization options to best deliver value to the community, both commercial and academic customers.

We have opened the source for the Graphics Toolbox (‘gsurf’ and ‘gimage’) to enable the community to work together to build powerful visualizations using the OpenGL API that we have ported to MATLAB within the Jacket engine.

Very nice idea - I truly hope you have the best of luck with everything.