Jacket: A GPU Engine for MATLAB - Now Available!


We are happy to announce the release of the AccelerEyes’ Jacket software - a GPU Engine for MATLAB! You may download the FREE beta release by visiting:


Jacket is not another GPU API, nor is it simply a collection of GPU MEX functions. Rather, it is a complete and transparent system, automatically making memory transfer and execution optimization decisions. Jacket uses a compile on-the-fly system to allow GPU functions to run in MATLAB’s interpretive style. Currently, Jacket is built on top of NVIDIA’s CUDA technology.

Builds for the following operating systems are now available:

  • Windows (32-bit only)
  • Linux (32 & 64 bit)
  • Mac (32 bit only)

We also invite you to browse through the Jacket documentation, including the User’s Guide that contains a detailed listing of the functionality available through Jacket.


Finally, please visit our forums and let us hear your questions, comments, and suggestions on how Jacket can best be adapted to suit your needs.


Note, we will soon be transitioning to our new AccelerEyes newsletter system, available through our website. Please join the newsletter on the website to get future email announcements regarding the Jacket product.

Best regards,

The AccelerEyes Team
E: sales@accelereyes.com