GPU Utilization(%) for Individual Process

Hello Team,

I want to monitor GPU utilization for individual processes. To achieve this, I explored tools like Jtop and Tegrastats, both of which provide overall GPU utilization percentages. While using Jtop, I noticed it displays GPU memory usage for each process.

Further I installed Nsight Compute, Nsight Systems, and Nsight Graphics on the Jetson AGX Orin. During my exploration, I learned that Nsight Compute is primarily designed for CUDA applications. However, since our application is based on EGLES, I attempted profiling using Nsight Systems. I enabled the GPU utilization dialogue, but unfortunately, I couldn’t obtain GPU utilization breakdowns for individual processes.

I was able to observe GPU context when running a sample bubble application, but when applying the same settings to our application, I couldn’t retrieve the desired GPU utilization breakdowns for each process.
Also can you please help me to acheive GPU utilization for each process.

Does GPU context ireally breakdowns GPU utilization for each process ?

I kindly request assistance in achieving GPU utilization breakdowns for each process.


As you have mentioned that sudo tegrastats shows total GPU usage. And Nsight systems shows the usage of CUDA applications. There is no other tools for your use-case. You may run the application one-by-one and check sudo tegrastats for reference.


Thank you for your response,
what about Nsight Graphics, does it support for our application, becaue it mention that it supports OpenGL, Valkun


For our use case is there any API available from which I can get CPU and GPU usage?

Could you run
system(3) - Linux manual page

to execute tegrastats and read the data?


So what you are suggesting is that I should use top command to get GPU usage ?
Is my understanding correct?

But our application is based on OPENGL ES and so I am not sure that our use case will be satisfied with top command as we need GPU utilization of individual process.

Would like to suggest call system to execute tegrastats.

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