GPU Utilization from tegrastats in Jetpack 6


I’m trying to understand the meaning of the output of tegrastats in JP6 that changed compared to the ones in JP5.
Especially the GR3D.

In JP5 it was split into two entries for GR3D & GR3D2, like this X%@Freq

While in JP6 it became 1 entry : GR3D X%@[F1,F2].

Why the percentage is now common to both ? Is it an average for both ? How can we now know how much is used PER GPU ?


Hi younes.khadraoui,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for AGX Orin?

Please share the result of tegrastats running on your board with JP6.

Hi @KevinFFF

It’s a custom board from a vendor. Here is the output of tegrastats:

03-21-2024 06:16:20 RAM 9873/30697MB (lfb 76x4MB) CPU [1%@729,0%@729,0%@729,0%@729,0%@1728,0%@1728,100%@1728,0%@1728] EMC_FREQ 6%@2133 GR3D_FREQ 0%@[0,0] NVENC off NVDEC off NVJPG off NVJPG1 off VIC off OFA off NVDLA0 off NVDLA1 off PVA0_FREQ off APE 174 cpu@49.937C tboard@40.5C soc2@46.406C tdiode@41C soc0@46.687C tj@49.687C soc1@47.343C VDD_GPU_SOC 1948mW/1948mW VDD_CPU_CV 974mW/974mW VIN_SYS_5V0 5300mW/5300mW VDDQ_VDD2_1V8AO 1497mW/1497mW

Here is the one on another AGX Orin board I have as well, but running on JP5:

03-21-2024 14:17:45 RAM 26419/62794MB (lfb 1539x4MB) CPU [6%@729,1%@729,1%@729,1%@729,0%@729,2%@729,0%@729,0%@729,off,off,off,off] EMC_FREQ 0%@2133 GR3D_FREQ 0%@0 GR3D2_FREQ 0%@0 VIC_FREQ 729 APE 174 CV0@-256C CPU@47.156C Tboard@36C SOC2@43.5C Tdiode@36.25C SOC0@44.593C CV1@-256C GPU@-256C tj@47.156C SOC1@43.093C CV2@-256C VDD_GPU_SOC 1691mW/1691mW VDD_CPU_CV 241mW/241mW VIN_SYS_5V0 3129mW/3129mW NC 0mW/0mW VDDQ_VDD2_1V8AO 403mW/403mW NC 0mW/0mW

I’ve checked with internal.
Since the loading would be same for both GPC0 and GPC1, so we show them together in JP6.
Note: Their frequency may be different but the loading would be the same.

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