graphic card plug into Xavier (Solved)

On GTC 2018 Tokyo, Jensen showed that we can plug a pcie graphic card into Jetson Xavier pcie connector. Just want to confirm it:

  1. Is it possible to plugin a GeForce card there?
  2. Power consumption: If I plugin a 75W graphic card there, can I make it work just by upgrade my
    power supply to (65+75)w ?
  3. How tool chain work in this case? nvidia-smi is not working in Jetson platform, then which tool to use?


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Hi guo.tang, discrete NVIDIA GPU’s do not yet support Jetson AGX Xavier, support will be added in a future release. Please refer to this FAQ question.

Any ideas when discrete GPU`s are going to be supported ?
I assume only NVIDIA low profile GPUs will work due to the power of the SoC.

The timeline for it is still TBD, stay tuned. We are investigating how to power the cards from the devkit (i.e. if the larger cards require additional 6/8-pin Molex power connections). Aftermarket carriers designed for the purpose may be able to deliver more dedicated power.

Any updates on this ?

as far as I remember it was said that it will be suported in further releases

Please download the schematic info on download center.

Is it possible to connect a Nvidia GPU to the NVLINK bus on Jetson Xavier, and have it enumerated/recognized by Xavier?

No, that’s not supported.

Are there any news regarding the current status of adding GPUs to the Jetson Xavier?

I’m very excited to have this kind of feature, any news about that?

Hi @kayccc , @dusty_nv

As of my understanding the development team of Nvidia is struggling with power delivery for external GPU cards, through the devkit. I understand the challenges here.

My question is, is it possible in the software level (are there any workarounds for this) as I have necessary molex power supplies, which can power the external gpu not through the devkit, but externally.

If my case, has no big challenges (in terms of powering) can we expect a software workaround (driver installation guide etc) in the near future ?

Is there any update supporting Xavier NX or Xavier with external gpu?? maybe with an enclosure so that power is not a problem?

For questions about CLARA AGX you may want to post in the CLARA forums:

There isn’t a clear timeline to share for general support of discrete GPU in the Jetson AGX Xavier over PCIe, sorry about that.


I’m new to this thread but yes i will be a great feature if we can add an external card !
Still no news about this ? (since november)