Graphics artifacts on Ubuntu 16.04 after suspend

Has anyone seen artifacts around windows and menus after suspend on Ubuntu 16.04? I have an NVIDIA Corporation GF119M [GeForce GT 520M] (rev a1) graphics adapter, and I’m using the nvidia-375.39 driver bundled with Ubuntu. I’ve had Ubuntu running on this laptop for years, and haven’t seen anything like this before a few weeks ago.

Here’s a thread on Ubuntuforums with pictures:

Yup, I had the exact same thing using the most recently available drivers available (v375) with my lenovo laptop running a GM107M (Geforce GTX 860M)

I however, was able to install the latest version without having to mess with anything too difficult by following the directions on this page:

The specific driver installed was:


After the driver got installed it was auto-selected in the 3rd party driver list. I then re-booted the system and was able to susepend + resume without any of the wierd artifacts.

I hope this helps!