375.39 causes corruption of window decor on Ubuntu after suspend/resume

I am using the graphics drivers PPA on Ubuntu 16.04 on a Lenovo Thinkpad W540 and get window decoration corruption after resuming from suspend.

I did not experience this problem with 375.20.


I see this also in the latest version of 378.xx.


I think its same issue and fix will be available in next driver release.

Hello @sandipt

When will it be fixed? What is the current status as the issue is still persisting.

Looking forward to hearing about any update.

@TaisPH and @jwcalla, I shared a temporary solution in the link below.


Meanwhile, many are waiting for NVidia to fix this bug.

Tried this solution on my Ubuntu 16.04 system and it removes the bad borders caused by driver 375.39 after the system wakes from suspend/hibernation.


Something to help manage the situation until Nvidia issues a more permanent fix for 375.39.

Hello, is there any estimated time for when this will be fixed? Still having these issues.

@sunbearc22, the fix in #6 does fix the bad borders, but it also restarts your entire session when the system wakes up.

Please test with 375.66


That fixed it!

It also happens in elementaryOS Loki / Ubuntu 16.04 using 340.102, but corruption/white noise is observed on desktop and some foreground elements.

However, I don’t think that NVidia will issue a fix, since it’s an older legacy driver, and the only one supporting ThinkPad’s onboard NVS3100M.

Picture: http://imgur.com/a/aMYN6

Perhaps disabling MSI might remedy this …