KUbuntu 18.04.1LTS running Nvidia 390.77 and 396.54 flickers and trashes graphics buffers after unsuspend

Hello Nvidia,

I have KUbuntu 18.04.1 LTS running the Nvidia 390.77 driver. I’m using a dual monitor setup with a HP ZR30w and my HP laptop screen (1080p) with a Quadro K1100M graphics card.

It generally works well, but I have two problems.

First the minor problem. After every unsuspend of the laptop I have some corruption of some graphics buffers. In the attached screenshot, note the border above and below the background image which is wrong (should be a blur of the background image) and the text below the icons, which is not text. A change of background or moving the icon “fixes” the image.

The more serious problem happens only sometimes (about once a week). After unsuspending, my monitors will sometimes go into a flicker dance on certain parts of the screen. The only way I’ve found to fix this is to restart X, which means closing all of my windows. That defeats the point of suspending.

Thank you for your help.

Stephen McCants
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (118 KB)

Nvidia_flicker.mp4.gz (21 MB)

How do I attached things?

Some additional information that may be helpful:

  • Flickering is generally triggered by the opening of a dialog. For instance, a new email or a open file dialog.
  • Changing work spaces/desktops and then coming back to the flickering work space will cause the current flickering to stop, but the next dialog will cause it to resume in some new fashion.
  • I figured out how to attach things. See the MP4 for a video of the flickering. Not recommended for epileptics. =)

Buffer corruption on resume/VT switch is a known problem and work in progress. So you should use the ubuntu graphics ppa to upgrade the driver to v396 and see if you get better results, might also help with the flicker.

The flicker is the larger problem of the two problem. I can live with the buffer corruption as it goes away as soon as the buffer is refreshed. Having the restart X or reboot my system to fix the flicker is not good.

Does Nvidia support 390.77? Or do I need to go to 396 to get support?

390 is a legacy release now, so those kind of things won’t be fixed in that line.

This web page says it is the “Current long-lived branch release” and shows other things as “Legacy releases”:


That paged is pinned at the very top of the forum, so I assumed it was official and correct. It also states that starred items are “no longer being maintained”. However, 390.77 is not starred, so still maintained? Indeed some legacy releases are also not starred, so still maintained?

The terms used on that page are not clear. Where would I find definitions to:

  • Current long-lived branch release
  • Current official release
  • Legacy release

In other words, that page contradicts what you just said. I selected my current driver based on that page. Does the page need to be updated?

I’m genuinely confused.

Thank you for your help.

Also, the page below says 390.* will be supported through 2022. That is another 4 years. Doesn’t sound like legacy, even though it oddly calls it legacy.


More confusion and contradiction.

I know this is confusing.
390 is the current long-lived driver
396 is current beta
but since 396 dropped support for Fermi, 390 now is also a legacy driver at the same time.
The next ‘current long-lived driver’ is past due but I suspect due to Turing being released that has been deferred and 396 has prolonged lifetime, i.e. inofficial long-lived driver. Might end any day, though.
Bumpy ride.

Legacy driver means, it supports legacy gpus (in this case Fermi). Legacy support means support for new kernels and Xserver releases but no functional enhancements.

Switched to Nvidia 396.54 this morning. Time will tell if the problem is resolved by the new driver or not.

smm@smm-HP-ZBook-15-G2:~$ modinfo nvidia
filename: /lib/modules/4.15.0-33-generic/updates/dkms/nvidia.ko
alias: char-major-195-*
version: 396.54
supported: external
license: NVIDIA

Same problems with Nvidia 396.54 as I had with Nvidia 390.77.

A few of the icons this morning might be better than before, but you can see in the screenshot, that one has the same problem.

Still have the flickering problem too.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (125 KB)

Updated the title of this topic to reflect that both drivers have this problem.

Since this topic is being ignored, I opened a new one with a slightly different variation of the problem: