standby corrupts window manager (?) after upgrade to 375.39

Yesterday got new 375.39 long-lived branch update. And today i woke my computer a suspend / standby mode. I got colourful garbled window edges and corrupt title bar.

It is same problem with corrupted window borders etc. witch show versions 378.09 and 375.10.
Only rebooting fix the problem. But when go suspend/standby same border problem show again.

In 375.26 version has not corrupted window borders.
Im using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. NVIDIA GTX 770


I’ve got the same problem on resume from suspend. Ubuntu 16.04, NVIDIA GTX 970M. 375.26 worked fine. 375.39 has the garbage borders.

Logging out and logging back in fixes it so you don’t have to reboot. Control-Alt F1 then Control-Alt F7 does not fix it

updated drivers same problem. logs find to adrress:!d0IXWSCJ!iwXTJ7WLFWc15b9obu6mEfHq--NXde2OoTXuuVIqg04